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Call on the Government to ban single-use disposable food and drink serviceware containing plastic (including degradable, biodegradable or compostable plastic), and mandate co-designed, accessible, reusable alternatives instead (using powers under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008).
Amazing things happening in NZ! Cafe Ambience in Gore are one example of business owners taking it upon themselves and making a stand against waste!
Cafe Ambience reusable cups Gore

'The SUP cup is brilliant - your coffee stays hot but the cup is cool to the touch, and it doesn't shatter in to a million pieces when you accidentally drop it! One of my best buys ... ever!'

Marama - source: www.dirtyhippie.co.nz


'Just want to say. What a bloody awesome Cup. Goes everywhere with me, even overseas!'

Chris - source: email through SUP NZ website


'Super quick delivery ( from NZ to AUS) and a really reasonable shipping price too.
The cup is fantastic, amazing quality, doesn't leak and is the perfect size. Will definitely be ordering more!! thanks guys! appreciate it.'

Rachel - source: shared on SUP NZ FB page


'An awesome product that is fun, colourful and practical. Cheers SUP NZ'

Ivan - source: shared on SUP NZ FB page


'Holy moly just got my cup. It's insanely beautiful my lucky client winner will be so happy. Now to buy my self one  such a pleasure to deal with also.'

Brooke - source: shared on SUP NZ FB page


'This is my favourite cup ever!! Keeps my coffee hot & wine cold! The ultimate eco friendly cup!'

Jules - source: www.ecowarehouse.nz


'Its nice and light and not too bulky to chuck in my bag when we go out. Great for using at home with kids around.
Love the lid design. I have never used a rubber lidded cup that I felt was 100% secure. This one tucks in the cup nicely so there is nothing to catch on and knock it off.
My drinks have stayed hot for over 3 hours which is great as usually with the kids I never get to finish my drink or I have to keep microwaving it.'

Rhiannon - source: www.ecowarehouse.nz


'I just wanted to say thank you so much for your prompt efficient service. I can't believe my order is here in the South Island in two days. Everything thing else I have ordered online can take weeks to get here.Awesome service! This is the second SUP cup I have owned, the first was a gift and I have LOVED it and used it so much i have worn out the lid. These are amazing, pretty, durable, useful cups and and great for our beautiful countries environment. I am looking forward to using them in summer to keep my drinks cold. I am thrilled with my new cup!! I will be in touch for my next cup/lid and will certainly be recommending your company to friends. Thanks also for the silicone scrub too, so nice of you. Keep up the good work!'

Sandra - source: email through SUP NZ website