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Amazing things happening in NZ! Cafe Ambience in Gore are one example of business owners taking it upon themselves and making a stand against waste!
Cafe Ambience reusable cups Gore

'The SUP cup is brilliant - your coffee stays hot but the cup is cool to the touch, and it doesn't shatter in to a million pieces when you accidentally drop it! One of my best buys ... ever!'

Marama - source: www.dirtyhippie.co.nz


'Just want to say. What a bloody awesome Cup. Goes everywhere with me, even overseas!'

Chris - source: email through SUP NZ website


'Super quick delivery ( from NZ to AUS) and a really reasonable shipping price too.
The cup is fantastic, amazing quality, doesn't leak and is the perfect size. Will definitely be ordering more!! thanks guys! appreciate it.'

Rachel - source: shared on SUP NZ FB page


'An awesome product that is fun, colourful and practical. Cheers SUP NZ'

Ivan - source: shared on SUP NZ FB page


'Holy moly just got my cup. It's insanely beautiful my lucky client winner will be so happy. Now to buy my self one  such a pleasure to deal with also.'

Brooke - source: shared on SUP NZ FB page


'This is my favourite cup ever!! Keeps my coffee hot & wine cold! The ultimate eco friendly cup!'

Jules - source: www.ecowarehouse.nz


'Its nice and light and not too bulky to chuck in my bag when we go out. Great for using at home with kids around.
Love the lid design. I have never used a rubber lidded cup that I felt was 100% secure. This one tucks in the cup nicely so there is nothing to catch on and knock it off.
My drinks have stayed hot for over 3 hours which is great as usually with the kids I never get to finish my drink or I have to keep microwaving it.'

Rhiannon - source: www.ecowarehouse.nz