NZ Owned & Operated, all day every day!
NZ Owned & Operated, all day every day!
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Care Instructions

Gently hand wash all SUP NZ products. Silicone scrubbers are perfect for cleaning your SUP Cup and can be found here

Never use bleach or abrasive cleaners. Do not scrub with abrasive materials such as a scourer or steel wool. Do not put in the microwave or the freezer. Do not overfill with hot liquids and keep out of reach of children when filled with hot liquids. Do not place cup on hot surfaces. 

Always make sure lid is tightly secured before drinking & take caution when drinking as the double walled technology will retain the temperature so your beverage will stay hot. 

When cleaning your slider lid, simply use warm soapy water and hand wash as above. If residue has built up under the sliding component you can remove by pushing a needle or similar up through the pin hole on the underside of the lid. Please ensure the lid is not completely closed so as not to damage the small silicone pad (new 12oz lids), this will gently pop the lid from it's position allowing you to clean underneath. To return the slider onto the lid, place on top in closed position and gentle push down until slider clicks back into place. 



Unfortunately we cannot refund or exchange if you change your mind due to hygiene issues. If for some reason your SUP NZ product arrives damaged or malfunctions please do contact us and we will happily remedy the situation! 

Mint Stainless Steel reusable cup